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fac-Ir(PPh)3 - sublimed

SOL3505f fac-Tris[2-phenyl pyridinato-C2,N]iridium(III) - Sublimed Yellow Powder (A) >99%, (B) >95% pure isomer for a global purity of >99.9% over all isomers (mer-fac). Used as a highly efficient green emitter in OLED.


                  >99.9% purity over all isomers

fac-isomer  >99% (A)              >95% (B)        

                us$/g*   Total        us$/g*     Total

100 mg    2990       299         1990       199  

500 mg    1498       749           998       499

1 g             849       849           559       559

5 g             749     3745           499     2495


* Price subject to change without prior notice

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