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Solaris is specialised in the synthesis of custom made semi-conducting polymers, fullerene derivatives and organo-metallic compounds specially formulated for their used as active layers in solar cells, transistors and organic light emitting diodes.

    Solaris Chem stands out  for its rich experiences and knowhow in organic synthesis. Its members received first class education reinforced with many years of industrial experiences in these domains.

    Solaris Chem offers:

.✤ Polythiophenes

.✤ Polyfluorenes

.✤ Polycarbazoles

.✤ co-Polymers

.✤ Low band-gap materials, Polymers and Oligomers

.✤ Organo-metallic Complexes

.✤ Ligands

.✤ Fullerene Derivatives of C60, C70, C84

.✤ Chemical Intermediates and building blocks

.✤ Materials for OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diodes

.✤ Materials for Solar Cells, PV,  Photovoltaic

.✤ Small Molecules for OPV

.✤ Materials for OTFT, Organic Transistors

.✤ Water Soluble Organic Compounds

.✤ Near Infrared Dyes

.✤ Glassy materials and intermediates

.✤ Custom Synthesis

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