PL NANOTECHNOLOGY PTE LTD and SOLARIS CHEM INC. sign a distribution agreement for South-East Asia

PL NANOTECHNOLOGY PTE LTD founded in 2010 is a leading scientific instruments and automation solutions provider in South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines).

Throughout their history, they have always provided their customers with top quality products in the fields of metrology and semiconductors.

At PL NANOTECHNOLOGY PTE LTD, you’ll find the solutions your factory or laboratory needs. With your huge selection of tools and parts, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a top-quality product that suits your needs.

Solaris Chem es una empresa que trabaja en el campo de la química orgánica fina, sintetizando materiales para la industria electrónica orgánica desde 2007.

Your R&D program is mainly focused on the synthesis of custom made semiconducting polymers, fullerene derivatives and dyes specially formulated for their use as active layers in solar cells (OPV), transistors (OTFT) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLED).

Among its wide variety of products, you can find fullerene derivatives such PCBM high purity, and polymers such as PTAA and P3HT.

The union of both companies strengthens their common project, expanding their international presence.


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