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High level of Quality in all of the company’s relevant processes

One of our priorities is to instill and maintain a high level of QUALITY in all of the company’s relevant processes and ensure that our products and services always comply with agreed specifications, applicable standards and legal requirements. In addition, Solaris Chem’s management is committed to effectively planning, implementing and controlling the processes that help ensure the project’s success and satisfy all the stakeholders.

All of our employees share a dedication to providing cutting-edge products, solutions and services for customers and operators. These services are also backed by global support and proven expertise.

We are also committed to developing, implementing and maintaining a quality management system that takes into account the specifics of different sectors and markets, especially with regard to legislation, cultural nuances and business competition.

Solaris Chem is committed to offering the highest quality in the design, production, integration, delivery, start-up and after-sales phases of any project. This means that we will always strive to provide the most appropriate solution for any customer needs. To fulfill this commitment, we provide solutions often developed jointly and customized in close collaboration with the customer.

All of our products, services and solutions are developed so as to become a market leader and set new industry standards. To do so, we study and internalize our customers’ structure, organization and challenges. We can thus create unique solutions for unique challenges.

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