Sales are conditional to the acceptance by the Buyer to the “Terms and Conditions of Use” contained herein.


Purchase order received by Solaris Chem Inc. (Solaris) are taken as a binding contract from the Buyer to buy and pay for the services or materials ordered and the related fees such as shipping, handling, bank fees and any other agreed upon charges, within the prescribed payment terms. Cancellation or changes of an order may results in additional charges or penalties. The synthesis of custom made materials cannot be cancelled. Any order changes need to be done in written by the Buyer. Solaris shall not be taken responsible of any mistakes or omission on the purchase order. Any discrepancies regarding the items price, terms of sale, material description or product name, will be notified to the Buyer by Solaris and may delay any synthetical work, processing or shipping of the order. The processing of the order will resume once the order has been rectified by the Buyer.

Payments Terms

The general payment terms are net 30 days for most North American Customers unless other arrangement have been made with the Buyer. Payment can be made via bank transfer (bank fees of 19 USD applicable per transfer) or credit card (Visa MasterCard), or Paypal (4.2% transaction fee). Canadian Customers are charged in Canadian Dollars as per online published prices. Sales taxes, duty and Custom taxes/fees, excise tax, or any other tax, fee or charge other than the fees already charged on an invoice, will be at the Buyers charge. The Buyer agrees to reimburse Solaris any of these fees paid by Solaris on behalf of the Buyer within 10 days. Any late payment is subject to a 24% annual interest rate (2%/month). Late payment may delay the delivery of subsequent orders by the Buyer until the whole amount owed to Solaris is paid in full, and advance payment may be requested.


The prices published online are in US Dollars or in Canadian Dollars depending on your location. In case of discrepancy between an online price and a price received from email, letter, phone, fax or any other media (at the exception of prices given in a formal valid quotation), the published online price will prevail. Quotations are valid for 30 days. Prices on back order quantities are only guaranteed for 30 days after the date of order. Orders older than 30 days may be cancelled by Solaris. Any advanced payment would be returned to the Buyer within 15 days of the cancellation. Prices are subject to change at any moment without former notice.

Product Warranties and Returns

Solaris Chem warrants that its products are conform to the structure and specifications published online or to custom specifications clearly exposed on a valid quotation. The warranty does not go beyond the material structure and specification and do not express or imply any further claim or guaranty of fitness with the Buyer’s intent of use, system, project or other material compatibility. In case of material under performances due to the material being out of specifications, the Buyer can send a written claim within 15 days of reception of the product clearly stating the problem encountered with data validating the claim. Upon verification, Solaris reserve the right to recall the material, exchange or reimburse the initial product price paid, as a whole or as a fraction. At least 95% of the original material quantity received by the Buyer needs to be returned to Solaris for the Buyer to be eligible to a full reimbursement. The reimbursement will be pro-rated as a function of the quantity of material received back. Returns will not be accepted for material incompatibility, misusage, wrong application, wrongly or over ordered, inappropriate storage or handling leading to material premature degradation or lost of performances.

Material Use

Solaris is selling its product to laboratories for research and development purposes. The Buyer acknowledges that the products supplied by Solaris have not been tested for safety and efficiency as food, food supplement, drug, cosmetic, or any similar good intended for human internal or external consumption. Solaris does not make or implies any recommendations on any dosage, material efficacy or on possible positive or negative effects on bio systems, living tissues or living animals. Solaris shall not be held liable for any injuries, sickness or damage resulting from the use of its products. These materials should be use and handled in accordance with normal good laboratory practices, in appropriate facilities by trained scientists. Any use by the Buyer of Solaris’s products, shall not violate any law, rule or regulation. And as such, Solaris does not warrants against any patent infringement from the use or resale of its products.

Please communicate directly with SOLARIS CHEM at (514) 730-8653 or at the following email address:

598 Chaline Street
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