WSC60MA – C60 Malonic Acid


WSC60MA, Water-Soluble Fullerene derivatives can be used in medicinal research for the domain of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, viral infection, and drug tolerances for its properties as antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiproliferative agent. This product can be custom-made with various counter ions. Solaris offers different level of malonic acid substitutions with n >3, n>4, and n>5 malonic acid attached to the C60 core. The C60 core used to make these materials is >99.99% pure.

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WSC60MA – Malonic Acid- SOL5163


Water-Soluble Fullerene derivatives can be used in medicinal researches for the domain of neurodegenerative diseasescancer, viral infection, and drug tolerances for its properties as antioxidantantibacterial, and antiproliferative agentsThis product can be custom-made with various counterions.


Choose between:

Level n > 3 (SOL5163A)
Level n > 4 (SOL5163B)
Level n > 5 (SOL5163C)


Safety Data Sheet – SDS-SOL5163

Technical Data Sheet:

Acronyms: WSC60MA
Chemical Name: C60- n-(malonic acid), Water Soluble C60
Color and Texture: brown to black powder
Molecular Weight: N/A
Absorption, λmax (Media): N/A


Emission, λmax (Media): N/A
HOMO (eV): N/A
LUMO (eV): N/A
Melting point (°C): N/A
Solubility (Solvent): Water, basic (pH > 7)
Other: N/A



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(2) “Anti-Influenza Activity of C60 Fullerene Derivatives”, Author(s): Masaki Shoji, Etsuhisa Takahashi, Dai Hatakeyama, Yuma Iwai, Yuka Morita, Riku Shirayama, Noriko Echigo, Hiroshi Kido, Shigeo Nakamura, Tadahiko Mashino, Takeshi Okutani, Takashi Kuzuhara. June 13.

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