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Ideas move the world; innovative ideas transform it.

Turning brilliant ideas into functional innovations that improve life is our main incentive. How do we do so? By using all the tools, methods and experience at our disposal and choosing exactly the right solutions to overcome each specific challenge optimally. The result? Innovation that works in every way.

Solaris Chem creates a bridge that connects the idea with the market, helping scientists around the world make the link between innovative ideas and industry.

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By bringing together all the experience, methods and tools available, we are able to do things profitably and sustainably. Furthermore, driven by our technical creativity and nonconformity, we go beyond where others stop. This is because innovation and entrepreneurship are deeply rooted in our organization and our aim is to improve people’s lives through them. Indeed, our reputation and success depend on them.

Working with us guarantees results in the short, medium and long term. We strive to be a partner you can rely on. Also, since we are continually working with industry leaders, we are able to identify synergies and best practices between innovations and industries.

Investing in INNOVATION is the key to Solaris Chem’s future ambitions.