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At Solaris Chem we strive to help scientists and producers with our materials to develop their ideas in different fields like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, solar power and more.

We make their goals our own. At the same time, we want to help make a healthier, more sustainable planet through innovation, which is why we also prioritise the use and the development of green chemistry processes.

Our global reach, extensive knowledge and innovation all place us in a unique position to help consumers and suppliers via:

  • Connecting chemical products and services that support scientists.
  • Connecting scientists with industry using more effective, coordinated and personalized assistance.

We familiarize ourselves with our customers to understand their needs, provide integrated solutions and cooperate over the years to boost improvements in productivity. In this regard, we are pioneers in new business models better suited to our customers’ needs. These include technology-driven services as well as software-as-a-service and product-as-a-service models.

In future, our goal is to extend our ability to provide solutions to address our customers’ unmet needs and thus offer all the benefits of personalized assistance.

Our VALUES can be summed up as establishing friendly, professional relationships with our clients through ethically sustainable businesses.

Solaris Chem is a values-based organization. Our work is founded upon the values of respect for the individual, ethics, integrity, generosity of spirit and persistence.

Based on these fundamental values, we also comply with the following principles:

  • An unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. This translates into innovative products and unique experiences and services.
  • Instilling creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business, from conceptualization, strategy and product or service development to marketing, sales and the follow-up.
  • Helping develop world-class talent. We look for ways to identify and leverage our employees’ strengths. Continuous learning covers the entire organization and every employee is expected and encouraged to be proactive and get involved.
  • Creating a diverse, inclusive work environment where everyone is able to leverage their knowledge and skills to carry out their work and achieve success, regardless of their ideology, background, age or sexual orientation. By harnessing diversity, we can place a greater focus on cultural relevance, ensuring that our products, services and experiences reflect the aspirations and wishes of consumers in local markets.
  • Acting responsibly and caring for the communities we serve leads to greater industrial efficiency and at the same time helps raise awareness about global health and environmental issues.
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A trustworthy partner for your endeavours,

promising great services, and high quality products.